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If you're looking to buy a farm or ranch - either as a rural retreat, or as a future farming or ranching operation - TopAcreage can help you find your perfect property.

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How It Works

Here's a quick overview of how TopAcreage works...

For Farmers, Ranchers, and Investors:

  1. Signup for an account
  2. Search for land that meets your needs
  3. Setup saved searches and watch lists to get automated notifications of land that matches your requirements
  4. Get guidance on fair pricing for the land you're interested in
  5. Place an offer to buy or lease the land

For Landowners and Agents:

  1. Signup for an account
  2. List your land for sale or lease
  3. Get guidance on fair pricing for your land
  4. Review multiple competitive offers from farmers, ranchers, and investors
  5. Use our sample agreements to setup lease arrangements with farmers who want to rent your land


At TopAcreage, our services provide our users with numerous benefits, including:

For Farmers, Ranchers, and Investors:

  • Gain the upper hand in expanding your operations by being the first in your area to know about new farmland listings
  • Find prime tillable acreage, pastureland, and rangeland that fits your exact requirements
  • Transparent bidding allows you to rent or buy land at a fair price
  • Find the most productive land to maximize your farming output and profits

For Landowners:

  • Competitive offers for your land provide you with maximum value and cash flow
  • Inherited farmland can stay in the family even if you don't intend to farm the land yourself
  • Recurring cash flow from land leasing operations provides financial security for you and your family
  • Transparent bidding allows you to price your land properly
  • Our extensive state network provides maximum exposure for your land listings
  • Sample agreements take away the guess work when it comes to leasing your land


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